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Bangkok’s Top 10 Cafés for Coffee Lovers

What’s better than a luscious caffeine perk-me-up? A luscious caffeine roasting joint of course (aka: café)! Because Bangkok is so large, café owners don’t hold back on style and spacious design. Seriously, check these out:

#1 – Gallery Drip Coffee



Tucked neatly away on the bottom floor of the Bangkok Art & Culture Center, this café is born off a photographer’s inspiration during one of his expeditions to a northern Thailand coffee plantation. It began its life as an art project to breathe a new lease of life at the BACC. But more than just artsy design (the honeycomb ceiling is an unusual yet warm touch), Gallery Drip Coffee lovingly hand-grindeds and hand-drips each cuppa to bring out the most authentic, original and fragrant flavours.

1st Floor, Bangkok Art & Culture Centre, Bangkok 10330
National Stadium BTS (Nearest Train Station)
Tue-Sun, 11am to 9pm

Gallery Drip Coffee – Facebook


#2 – INK & LION Café



Ink & Lion Café is set in Bangkok’s hip and trendy district – Thonglor & Ekkamai. It’s only natural, of course. Its interior is designed precisely to fit the whims of the Thonglor crowd – with minimalist furnishing and an urban chic style that feels like home to young entrepreneurs, bloggers, and undergrads.

As with any café, decor is only a part of the brew. Their coffee is excellent, and the fact that they trained the latest champion of the National Thailand Brewer Cup is testament to their mastery of the brew. Their grinds are sourced fresh from the local countrysides, and they sell them for home brewing too.

Because its set in Thonglor, this is a fantastic pit stop as you unearth the hidden gems in this dynamic district.

1/7 Soi Ekamai 2, Sukhumvit 63, Wattana, Bangkok 10110
Ekkamai BTS (Nearest Train Station)
Mon-Tue & Sat-Sun, 9am to 6pm

INK & LION Café – Facebook

#3 – Factory Coffee



Don’t be fooled by its name. No cuppa here is factory-made, nor are they run-off-the-mill. In fact, they are each uniquely and painstakingly crafted by talented “Bartisas”. Yeah, you read that right – Bartistas, named so because they are baristas and artists in one (ohhhh)! Corniness aside, they really do make some really Fartistic (Fantastic + Artistic? Oh boy…) creations. They adopt truly innovative methods of coffee brewing, and put them in all sorts of fancy containers that’ll surely appease your inner instagrammer.

They even divide the café in two: one which serves good old coffee, and the other, cocktails! Imagine having one of each at the same time. I think we could get high, if not already. Be sure to check this place out!

35/18 Phaya Thai Road, Bangkok 10400
Phaya Thai BTS (Nearest Train Station)
Mon-Sat, 10am to 8pm & Sun, 10am to 4pm

Factory Café and Brew Bar – Facebook


#4 – Quest – Connaisseur Café



As on-the-go writers, we are pretty picky about the cafés we sample (read: camp at and hog the free wifi). Besides having a inspiring ambience and excellent coffee to keep us going, we need the bare essentials: Great aircon, Internet and power!

Quest – Connaisseur Café has hit all the right spots for the road warrior writer, student, designer. It’s got everything we need, and is intentionally built around the expectation that their customers will spend hours or even a whole day here. 

Maybe because of the very very warm weather in Bangkok, nowadays people love working at coffee shops. The location, atmosphere, free wifi, and plugs to charge laptops or phones are considered because they usually spend more than 2 hours at the coffee shop (some people spend the whole day here).

What we like is that the café offers brews done in several classical methods: from the Southeast Asian Kopi style to fancier offerings like Dripper and Siphon. Its little shakeups like this that make every stay here a new experience. And that’s quite important if you’re in for a cup of inspiration too.

Phaya Thai Road, Bangkok 10400
Phaya Thai BTS (Nearest Train Station)
Daily, 6am to 10pm

Quest – Connaisseur Café – Facebook

#5 – Faraday Café



And then there are cafés that cater to the more laid-back amongst us – those who go to truly bask in the atmosphere and appreciate the delicate wafts of the beans that prevent sleep. 

Faraday Café is well decorated and creates an absorbing, cosy atmosphere that invites you to just spend a lazy afternoon with yourself and your cuppa (of course, other parties are invited too). The folks here know this, which is why they offer a host of other food which are pretty fantastic too. With sticky-sweet Cubic toasts, wholesome salads and even spaghetti with ebiko cream, it’s no wonder Faraday is more a foodie haunt than just a café.

Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok 11120
IMPACT Exhibition Center (Nearest Landmark)
Tue-Sun, 1030am to 10pm

Faraday Coffee – Facebook


#6 – D’ARK by Phillip Di Bella


Bangkok D'ARK Cafe


D’ARK is drippin’ in finesse, both in presentation and in their coffee, D’ARK is an artisanal café that complements its stylish brews with top-notch eats. 

Personally, we just love the interior decor. This is the perfect example of taking full advantage the vast spacious real estate they’re blessed with. Streams of magical ceiling lights dangle from the magnificent high ceiling, creating an insanely spacious den for coffee lovers anywhere. It’s a great place to spend a lazy afternoon, or get inspiration flowing.

Piman 49, Sukhumvit Soi 49, Bangkok 10110
Thong Lo BTS (Nearest Train Station)
Daily, 8am to 10pm

EmQuartier, 651 Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok 10110
Phrom Phong BTS (Nearest Train Station)
Sun-Thu, 10am to 10pm & Fri-Sat, 10am to 11pm

D’ARK – Facebook | Website

#7 – Hands and Heart




This café is gorgeous, but for reasons you wouldn’t quite expect. Unlike everyone else out there, it has stuck to a minimalist, marble-white style that nay-sayers would call ‘clinical’ or sterile. But that’s precisely the point.

It puts artistic focus on the riot of colour that is their homemade pastries and hand brewed coffees. Indeed, it’s the same design philosophy that guided the hand that made Japan’s Teshima Art Museum. The creations of Hand and Heart are like museum showpieces, beautiful (and tasty) on their own.

Why the name? Well, everything here is made by hand and lots of heart…

Ascella Apartment, 33 Sukhumvit 38 Alley, Bangkok 10110
Thong Lo BTS (Nearest Train Station)
Daily, 7am to 9pm

Hands and Heart – Facebook


#8 – Ceresia Coffee Roasters



Ceresia Coffee Roasters is a quaint coffee joint by the Thai-Venezuelan guys who bring in some of the best coffee beans in Bangkok. Ceresia has already established itself as a premium supplier of 100% hand-picked beans that’s popular all over the Kingdom, but have you got what it takes to brew them perfectly?

If you haven’t got the time nor the skill to do it yourself, then you must pay Ceresia Coffee Roasters a visit. They’ll brew you the perfect cup with some of the finest coffees from all over the world. When the aroma itself unbelievable, imagine the cuppa. 

This two-story coffee shop is all about freshly roasted, single origin beans (starting at 480 Baht per 250g) sourced from all over the world and a special in-house blend. Their latest specialty comes from Kenya. Filtered coffee begins at 95 Baht, while espressos go for 70 Baht.

Sukhumvit 33/1 Alley, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110
Phrom Phong BTS (Nearest Train Station)
Daily, 8am to 6pm

Ceresia Coffee Roasters – Facebook

#9 – Roots Coffee



Roots Coffee established itself as brewing great cuppas with the finest beans from all over the world. It’s also the exclusive supplier of coffee to the equally popular and acclaimed restaurant, Roast. Both joints share a common home at The Commons.

However, Roots Coffee is now making a strong case for supporting local beans. Indeed, many of its beans are now sourced from the finest Thai growers in the Kingdom. No, it’s not for cost saving – in fact, it’s part of a noble and socially responsible campaign to give back to its roots – the local communities who made Roots Coffee’s success possible.

Every cup of Thai Coffee ordered at Roots, the profits are shared back to the families of the growers in Thailand. Through this symbiotic relationship, Roots is betting on the immense potential of Thai coffee. We’re optimistic for this future, because a Thai cuppa gives just as great a punch as any of the others out there. 

Give the Iced Espresso Latte a try. It’s a simple and fun drink where your espresso comes already frozen in cubes. This innovative idea came about because the barista was tired of ice cubes diluting his  excellent espresso strains. This is a great way to enjoy espresso too, because the taste gets stronger over time, not weaker. Plus, you can add milk and sugar to taste too! 

M Floor, The COMMONS, Klongton Nue, Wattana, Bangkok 10110
Thong Lo BTS (Nearest Train Station)
Daily, 8am to 7pm

Roots Coffee – Facebook


#10 – I+D Style Café x Brave Roasters



Who says you can’t find great coffee in a shopping mall?  I+D Style Café X Brave Roasters is the go-to caffeine retreat tucked away at the ground floor of the ever-popular Siam Center. Baristas from the excellent Brave Roasters whip up excellent coffees that too are a product of locally sourced farms. 

The name is quite a mouthful, and there’s a reason for that. It’s a mix-and-match shop that does a little more than just coffee. It’s a little showcase of local handicrafts that are curated by the Thai Department of International Trade (thus, the I+D part of the name). So you’ll get to appreciate the handiwork of both local craftsmen and local (coffee) craftsmen at the same time whilst braving the retail maelstrom that is Siam Center (and Siam Paragon).

While you can’t go wrong with their filter brews, you should give their cold brews served up in whiskey bottles!

3rd Floor, Siam Discovery, ODS Zone
Siam BTS (Nearest Train Station)
Daily, 10am to 930pm

Brave Roasters – Facebook

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